Just Cuz it’s Pink, Doesn’t Mean it Works.

By Crystal Perry,PCGC Instructor

One of the biggest questions I get, as a firearms instructor, from guys and gals, is what type of firearm is best for a women. To put this in perspective, that is like asking a women what pair of shoes is better. Inevitably, the answer to this question will be hugely varied. Most of these answers will also lead with a question in return, well it depends… where am I going, what am I doing, and what am I wearing?

Funny enough, these are the same type of questions you should be asking yourself when you look for a firearm as well, whether you are a guy or a gal.

Girls, firearms shopping is truly a lot like shoe shopping, just with a bigger price tag and less complaints from the men folk about the bill. It’s a win, win. Just think, it is a form of shopping that your guy will actually enjoy coming along for and best yet, you can find a weapon or a couple of weapons that meet your needs for several different occasions; just like those new heels you bought to go with your new dress and the tennies you bought for kicking around the town, you can never have too many shoes or guns!

Ok, enough with the shoe analogy but they are very similar. Buying a firearm does take research and time. Firearms are not a one size fits all, different firearms meet different needs. There are small guns and small calibers that are great for concealing but you give up power; how many rounds you can carry; and they are more difficult to shoot. Revolvers, are easier to operate but again you don’t have as many rounds and they are not as easily reloaded in an emergency. Larger frame guns are great for training, are more comfortable to shoot but are hard to conceal.

So, the best thing you can do is ask the same questions as you would when shopping for shoes, where am I going, what do I need it for, Does it fit, and what am I wearing (can I conceal it)? Then you find a gun that meets the majority of these needs. This is why I said before, that you might find yourself with more than one firearm, it is likely that you will not find a single firearm that meets all your needs. That is ok, just make sure you get the gun that works for you or guns.

Also, just like anything else you might find a gun that fits most of your needs and then you will have to adapt to some things to fit the guns requirements. Like wearing a longer shirt to cover it while you’re carrying. It is better that you get a gun that feels comfortable and that you can work with, that might be a little more difficult to conceal (you can always change what you wear), then to buy a firearm that you are completely uncomfortable with.

A final word to the wise, just because it’s pink, shiny or cute looking doesn’t mean that it will work well for you. The gun industry hasn’t caught up to women and firearms yet and their solution to a more interested women’s market is to paint a guns, made for a guy, pink. I carry a glock 26 most of the time, not the prettiest gun out there but it is black and accessories with everything I wear, but more importantly it fits my needs.

So don’t get lulled into buying what the guy behind the counter is selling or what the guy next to you is putting in your hand. Make sure you listen to what they have to say and then try out several firearms; pick them up, try to manipulate all the moving parts, and find the gun that fits you and your needs.

Jamie Swanson on Shot Show 2012 Las Vegas

Hi! Well this is my first entry into the blog world so I thought I would tell you all about my visit to Shot Show 2011. As always it was absolutely packed with both products and people.

The first day, I sat in my hotel room and made a plan on how to best use my time. The next day, armed with a map of the sands convention center, Dan, Roger and I (Jamie) entered with the masses in hopes of seeing, and possibly buying for the store, the latest and greatest of what the gun world has to offer. For those of you who do not know what the Shot Show is, let me explain. The Shot Show is the largest firearms trade show in the world that focuses on the civilian market. There is one major problem with the show though; there is entirely too much stuff and not enough time to see it all.

That being the case, we set out on our journey in the most efficient way. As soon as we actually got into the show, our plans went right out the window. Talk about being like a kid in a candy store, there was so much cool stuff my head was spinning! We looked at all makes of firearms and accessories i.e. Sig, CZ-USA, Kimber, Springfield Armory, etc.

Most years there are new things introduced to the market – new innovations sometimes involving ground breaking technology, but this year was kind of slow. Every manufacturer had some really neat things, but none had that show stopping item that everyone was rushing to see. Last year, for instance, Kel-Tec had their new KSG shotgun. That shotgun was unlike anything else I had ever seen. It seemed like everyone at the show was at Kel-Tec’s booth waiting in line just to get a look. So here we are a year later and the KSG still isn’t available.

Needless to say, we saw all types of guns and accessories, but nothing that was earth shaking. We made our way up and down aisles and in and out of halls, stopping only to write up orders for products to bring into the store or to check out other interesting things that caught our eye. By the end of our time at Shot Show we had managed to order a sizable amount of firearms for sale in the store, but the jewel of our adventure was the purchase of a Barrett M107 with a suppressor for our rental fleet!

Well I’m so glad to be home, back in Utah where the people are friendly. You know, Utah kind of reminds me of my home (Oklahoma). People are always nice and willing to have a friendly conversation! On a side note, while we were at Shot Show, unknowingly we were filmed at the CZ booth by nuttinfancy and later saw ourselves on youtube.

The idea behind the Park City Gun Club

The idea to build the Park City Gun Club began with the simple realization that there was no good place to shoot in and around Summit County. Yet as I began to research the business, it evolved into much more. What I saw at existing shooting ranges in Utah were businesses that were mostly gun stores, with shooting ranges that did not offer much beyond sending bullets down range to simple paper targets (don’t get me wrong, shooting paper targets is a lot of fun…). These businesses cater largely to “gun guys,” who make up their core market. Their appearance, attitude, and amenities (or lack thereof) did not add up to the kind of place where other folks would feel safe and comfortable.

In recent years, a lot of technology has become available that can enhance the shooting experience. I realized that there was not only a geographical void waiting to be filled, but also an opening for high quality, sophisticated operation that could open the market up well beyond its traditional base to include women, kids, families, tourists, etc.

Our vision for the Park City Gun Club is for a place that anyone would feel comfortable walking into, even if they’ve never held a gun before. We will offer the equipment and training to make sure they have fun – and stay safe. For the dedicated shooter, we will offer quite a lot: 360 degree turning targets with touch screen control, tactical movement ranges, lateral movement “running man” targets, HD video and computer generated interactive targets for both laser and live fire, and much more!

We will offer “crawl, walk, run” training so that kids or beginners can start with non-lethal but realistic guns and build the fundamentals that will enable them to grow into and appreciate the sport. When not shooting, we still want you to be comfortable while waiting for family members or just hanging out: comfortable seating, music, video, internet, light food and beverages are just some of our ideas.

In my many years running a small ink making business, I learned a lot about customer service. I believe that a dedication to making sure EVERY customer feels welcome and has a positive experience, those customers in turn will develop a loyalty that will make the business thrive.

Another goal for the Club is for it to become an important community resource. In the last several years, there has been a lot of negative press about “wildcat” shooting in unauthorized areas. With no facility to accommodate them, shooters are still getting out where they can – but this is of course unsupervised shooting without any real safety measures and procedures. Environmentally of course, this puts a lot of lead in our ground, and noise in our air. We believe that our facility will provide a valuable service for Summit County by providing a safe, supervised indoor place to shoot. Our top shelf bullet containment will safely stop virtually any caliber round – even those off target. We’ll have a certified Range Safety Officer on staff at all times. We’ll also offer a first class education programs and safety training, so for the first time, the many folks who own guns around here can take steps to improve how they handle and use them. With the advanced equipment available today, we’re all going to have a lot of fun with it.