The idea behind the Park City Gun Club

The idea to build the Park City Gun Club began with the simple realization that there was no good place to shoot in and around Summit County. Yet as I began to research the business, it evolved into much more. What I saw at existing shooting ranges in Utah were businesses that were mostly gun stores, with shooting ranges that did not offer much beyond sending bullets down range to simple paper targets (don’t get me wrong, shooting paper targets is a lot of fun…). These businesses cater largely to “gun guys,” who make up their core market. Their appearance, attitude, and amenities (or lack thereof) did not add up to the kind of place where other folks would feel safe and comfortable.

In recent years, a lot of technology has become available that can enhance the shooting experience. I realized that there was not only a geographical void waiting to be filled, but also an opening for high quality, sophisticated operation that could open the market up well beyond its traditional base to include women, kids, families, tourists, etc.

Our vision for the Park City Gun Club is for a place that anyone would feel comfortable walking into, even if they’ve never held a gun before. We will offer the equipment and training to make sure they have fun – and stay safe. For the dedicated shooter, we will offer quite a lot: 360 degree turning targets with touch screen control, tactical movement ranges, lateral movement “running man” targets, HD video and computer generated interactive targets for both laser and live fire, and much more!

We will offer “crawl, walk, run” training so that kids or beginners can start with non-lethal but realistic guns and build the fundamentals that will enable them to grow into and appreciate the sport. When not shooting, we still want you to be comfortable while waiting for family members or just hanging out: comfortable seating, music, video, internet, light food and beverages are just some of our ideas.

In my many years running a small ink making business, I learned a lot about customer service. I believe that a dedication to making sure EVERY customer feels welcome and has a positive experience, those customers in turn will develop a loyalty that will make the business thrive.

Another goal for the Club is for it to become an important community resource. In the last several years, there has been a lot of negative press about “wildcat” shooting in unauthorized areas. With no facility to accommodate them, shooters are still getting out where they can – but this is of course unsupervised shooting without any real safety measures and procedures. Environmentally of course, this puts a lot of lead in our ground, and noise in our air. We believe that our facility will provide a valuable service for Summit County by providing a safe, supervised indoor place to shoot. Our top shelf bullet containment will safely stop virtually any caliber round – even those off target. We’ll have a certified Range Safety Officer on staff at all times. We’ll also offer a first class education programs and safety training, so for the first time, the many folks who own guns around here can take steps to improve how they handle and use them. With the advanced equipment available today, we’re all going to have a lot of fun with it.